Start a Chapter

Colonies can be founded at universities with colleges of agriculture or significant agriculture programs on campus.  Upon receipt and approval of a Colony Application, the High Council will grant the colony probationary status. 

Following approval, at such a time that is convenient within sixty (60) days, the regional chair representing the geographical area where the colony is located and/or designated representative(s) from the High Council and/or National Office will install the colony and initiate its founding members. 

A nearby chapter shall be encouraged to assist the group. The nearby chapter will act as an adviser and model for the colony, perform rituals, advise the colony on proper procedure and conduct periodic chapter visits during the probationary period. The nearby chapter will receive recognition at the Conclave, a certificate of appreciation, and other incentives. Founding members will be initiated as "Colony Founders." Initiated Colony Founders will be reissued a Certificate of Initiation as "Charter Members" at such a date when the colony ends its probationary period and is granted a charter. 

Members must comply with the fraternity's articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and policies and procedures along with all university regulations; participate in regional and national events and regularly update the Regional Chair and National Office on activities and growth. 

A colony will act as a chartered chapter (elect officers, initiate new members, host events, apply for National Alpha Zeta Scholarships, operate in accordance with the bylaws, etc.) during its probationary period, but a colony cannot hold a voting seat in the Conclave. 

Starting a Colony
  1. Contact the National Office: The National Office has resources you can use to help establish a colony.
  2. Recruit founding members: Minimum of five students who are in ranked academically in the upper two-fifths of the college or school of agriculture. Minimum of one faculty advisor.
  3. Complete Colony Application: Turn in Colony Application Fee ($100). This pays for database set up and other costs.
  4. Set initiation date: Invite faculty, AZ alumni in area, National Office and High Council members.
  5. Send in Student Membership Applications and membership fees (due 10 business days before initiation).
  6. Initiate new members: AZ alumni, National Office staff, High Council or another chapter should perform ritual.
  7. Hold chapter meetings: Approve Chapter Constitution, elect officers, establish committees, and develop goals and objectives.