Sometimes enthusiasm isn't enough to get members to the National Agricultural Leadership Conference or Alpha Zeta Conclave. It takes cash, and not all college students have that in hand. So here are some ideas from other chapters and the National Office to help take off some of the burden of paying for NALC travel, chapter activities and other events. 

But don't just stick to these suggestions. Try new ideas -- and let us know how they worked. Keep the objectives of Alpha Zeta in mind when the planning fundraisers. Do not get caught in the trap of drifting away from academics and agriculture. 

Try to include fundraisers that have an agricultural component. Blog your success on your the chapter activity blog. Keep records on both the positive and negative aspects of the project so future officers and chapter leaders will know what worked and what didn't and how to improve the fundraiser. 

  • Request funds from College of Ag administration and/or Ag Student Council; campus student government.
  • Alumni Donations - write letters; produce an annual newsletter (start a chapter fund and request donations online through the Alpha Zeta Foundation).
  • Big Coloring Book Sales
  • Bake/Food Sales - (California Delta) 
  • Balloon Sales - at campus events 
  • Car Wash - donation or set price
  • Citrus Sales - (Florida)
  • Cow Chip Throwing Contest
  • Cow Chip Bingo
  • Corn Maze
  • Christmas Tree Sales (North Carolina)
  • Dog Wash
  • Face paint at sporting events
  • Firewood - cutting & sales
  • Gift Basket Sales
  • "Milk a cow" booth
  • Mardi Gras Bead Sales - sell your school colors at sporting events
  • Member Auction
  • Pizza Sales - make and deliver pizzas to dorms, on-campus housing
  • Plant Sales
  • Raffles - 50/50
  • Recycling - (Morrill)
  • Stadium/Arena Cleanup
  • Ushering
  • Valentine Delivery Service
  • Valet Parking
  • Hay Ride
  • Hog Roast
  • Work concessions at sporting events
  • College of Ag Formal/Semi-Formal (i.e. Black Tie and Boots)  

And let the National Office know what worked for your chapter and why. Need further assistance with fund raising? Contact or call the National Office (636) 449-5090.