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North Carolina Chapter Celebrates Founder's Day

North Carolina Chapter Celebrates Founder's Day

Author: Whitney Wilgus/Tuesday, October 22, 2019/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog, Alumni Relations, Fellowship, North Carolina

On Friday, April 26th, the North Carolina Chapter of Alpha Zeta gathered at the City of Raleigh Museum to celebrate the Fraternity’s accomplishments and acknowledge outstanding Brothers who received awards. Our keynote speaker was Dr. Arnie Oltmans, a newly retired Professor of Finance from the N.C. State Agricultural and Resource Economics department and Alpha Zeta Alum. He spoke about how we as students need to take the proper steps in controlling our finances while still taking appropriate risks to reach our success. A key statement of his was that as we begin to work and earn money, remember to spend 50%, put 25% to taxes, save 15% and always donate 10% to those in need. After enjoying dinner and hearing our keynote speak, we presented the following awards to Active Brothers and Alumni:

$150 Scholarship: Meghan Donahue and Amanda DeLucia

Christmas Tree Award: Mikayla Graham

Professional Development Award: Joey Beam-Mitchell

Service Award: Mikayla Graham

Chancellor’s Award: Leigh Premo

Commissioner of Agriculture Award: Savannah Starnes

Outstanding Brother Award: Reuben Wilson

Alumni Faculty Award: John Cornwell

Alumni Community Award: Cal Berryhill

Each of these Brothers has exemplified the four pillars of this fraternity and has gone above and beyond within Alpha Zeta and the field of agriculture. We also recognized our graduating seniors who have given so much of their time and dedication to Alpha Zeta, while laying a foundation for the success of our future. Our Seniors are:

Reuben Wilson, Kristina Britt, Ryan Hunt, Savannah Clark, Savannah Starnes, and Leigh Premo

We look forward to seeing their involvement in the fraternity as alumni and know that they will be reaching new levels of success in their future endeavors.


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