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Ohio State's Townshend Chapter Pulled off the Pulled Pork Fundraiser

Author: Summer McCracken/Wednesday, November 9, 2016/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog, Fundraising, Townshend

Every semester Alpha Zeta Partners hosts a Hog Roast in the Agricultural Auditorium in the Agricultural Administration building on OSU campus. The Hog Roast serves as the main fundraiser for our chapter and all of the chapter is involved in making it a success. The Chapter benefited in many ways through this program including financially and building relationships with potential members throughout the college. The chapter continues to participate in this even year after year because it is an event that has worked very well for us for many years. AZP members love getting a chance to meet and mingle with other students within the college. Also, it is an easy way for members to continue to be involved by donating food for the event.

The event was planned by the PR/Fundraising Committee. We started out with recommendations from the previous committee and made decisions based on those recommendations. Those decisions included, how much pork to purchase, how many drinks, as well as what supplies were needed. This event required myself and other members to devote time to prepare food the night before the event and serve it over the course of 3 hours from 11am-2pm. We actually ran out of food because so many people wanted to support us for the fundraiser; we learned more pork and mashed potatoes is always a good thing. In addition, we had to advertise for the event which is one area I feel we grew a lot in this time around. We contacted college faculty and staff to increase awareness of the event throughout the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. We raised roughly $175 more than last year so we feel the event was highly successful.

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