Middaugh Chapter Achievement Awards

The Middaugh Chapter Achievement Awards were established to recognize outstanding programs and projects conducted by the chapters. These awards are given in memory of W. Stephen Middaugh. 

Brother Middaugh (Cornell, 1960) served as chancellor of the Cornell Chapter in 1961-62. In 1962, he received his bachelor's degree from Cornell and went on to complete his MBA in 1963. He served 7½ years on the AZ High Council, first as High Chronicler and then as High Censor. In 1972, while serving his second term on the High Council, he passed away at the age of 32. 

Brother Middaugh became was known for his enthusiasm for and dedication to Alpha Zeta. During his time on the High Council, he was a proponent of the "active" chapter, a chapter that contributed to its campus, community and humanity. Therefore, these awards were named in his honor. 

The purpose of the awards is to: Recognize outstanding chapters for specific achievements, encourage chapters to promote and keep accurate records of projects, encourage alumni and chapter relations, and promote group spirit among chapters. 

The awards are selected on a national basis at the biennial conclave. They are presented to Alpha Zeta chapters for outstanding projects conducted during the prior two years. A Chapter Activity Report must be submitted to the National Office for each activity the chapter participates in or sponsors in order to be eligible for an award. 

Middaugh Awards are given in seven categories:
  1. Alumni Relations
  2. Chapter Development
  3. Promotion of Agriculture
  4. Service to College and Campus
  5. Service to Community
  6. Fundraising
  7. New Member Development
A Chapter Activity Report must be completed for each project or activity the chapter undertakes. Meetings do not need to be reported unless the chapter holds a special activity during one. Some activities may be grouped together, for example, report all pledging activities in one post. 

The Chapter Activity Reports submitted by each chapter during the biennium will be the documents used in selecting chapters for the Middaugh Chapter Achievement Awards at the biennial conclave. Therefore, it is important to list the objectives of the activity. State if the primary purpose was:alumni relations, chapter development, promotion of agriculture, service to college/campus,service to community, fundraising, or new member development.

State the extent of the involvement of the chapter in the activity. Did the chapter wholly or partially sponsor the activity? Also, state the number of members, alumni and other people involved in the activity. 

Attach any photographs, videos, or other pertinent materials to the Chapter Activity Report when it is submitted.

Congratulations to the 2024 Middaugh Chapter Achievement Award Recipients:

Alumni Relations - Cornell Chapter
Chapter Development - Mount Berry Chapter
Promotion of Agriculture - California Epsilon Chapter
Service to College and Campus - North Carolina Chapter
Service to Community - Florida Chapter
Fundraising - No Award
New Member Development - Cornell Chapter

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